You've Got Mail (1998): Kathleen and Joe Argue


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The clip kathleen and joe argue from You've Got Mail (1998) with Meg Ryan

What is that?
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
You're taking all the caviar? That caviar is a garnish.
I came into your store because...
...I was spending the day with Annabel and Matt.
I was buying them presents.
I'm the type of guy who buys his way into the hearts of children.
There was only one place to find a children's book in the neighborhood.
That won't always be the case.
And it was yours. And it is...
...a charming little bookstore.
You probably sell, what, $350,000 worth of books in a year.
How did you know that?
I'm in the book business.
I am in the book business.
I see.
And we are the Price Club.
Only instead of a ten-gallon vat of olive oil for $3.99...
...that won't even fit in your cabinet, we sell cheap books.
Me, a spy? Absolutely!
I have in my possession the secret printout of the sales figures...
...of a bookstore so inconsequential, yet full of its own virtue...
...that I had to rush over for fear it will put me out of business.

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