You've Got Mail (1998): Joe Meets Kathleen


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The clip joe meets kathleen from You've Got Mail (1998) with Steve Zahn, Tom Hanks

Who belongs to this fish?
That's mine.
Could you help me with these books?
And this is her best friend Tacy, whose real name is Anastasia.
And the next book, Betsy and Tacy become friends with Tib...
...whose real name, I am sorry to tell you, is Thelma.
The illustrations are hand-tipped.
And that's why it costs so much?
That's why it's worth so much.
I want all of them.
I'll think about it.
That's a lot for your dad to buy at one time.
My dad gets me all the books I want.
That's very nice of him.
That's not my dad. That's my nephew.
I don't really think that he could be your nephew.
It's true.
Annabel is my aunt. Isn't that right, Aunt Annabel?
And Matt is his...
Wait, let me guess.
Are you his uncle?
His grandfather?
His great-grandfather?
I'm his brother!
Matt is my father's son. Annabel is my grandfather's daughter.
We are... American family.

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