You've Got Mail (1998): Dropping off the Kids


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The clip dropping off the kids from You've Got Mail (1998) with Cara Seymour, Hallee Hirsh

I know you!
Hello, Annabel, little girl.
How are you?
And you!
Matthew, how are you?
Ready to say hello to New Jersey?
Hello, New Jersey!
Don't I get a "hello"?
Hello, Gillian.
Kiss me. I'll be your wicked stepmother.
There you go.
Hello. And who is this?
Nanny Maureen. In case you couldn't handle the kids.
Maureen's getting a divorce.
I'm sorry to hear that.
It's my own fault. Never marry a man who lies.
That is so wise. Annabel, remember that.
She taught Matt to spell his name.
Let's hear it.
I've got this covered. You can have the day off.
And you must be late for something. Volunteering, rolling bandages...
...for Bosnian refugees.
I am. I'm having my eggs harvested.
And getting those eggs harvested. Don't worry!
See you later.
Bye, Mom.
All right, you guys, are you ready to go out on the boat?
What happened to you?

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