You've Got Mail (1998): Talking About Fox Books


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The clip talking about fox books from You've Got Mail (1998) with Tom Hanks, Jeffrey Scaperrotta

Here you go.
What's that?
That's a handkerchief.
Do children not know what handkerchiefs are?
A handkerchief is a Kleenex you don't throw away. See?
My mother embroidered this.
My initials and a daisy, because daisies are my favorite flower.
May I ask who you are?
Kathleen Kelly. I own this store. And you are?
Just call me Joe.
We'll take these.
You're going to come back, aren't you?
Of course.
That is why we won't go under. Our customers are loyal.
They're opening a Fox Books around the corner.
Fox Books!
My daddy...
Likes to buy discount.
Don't tell! It's nothing to be proud of.
That's amazing! You can spell fox.
Can you spell dog?
Look at this pop-up dinosaur book.
Wouldn't you like to have a dinosaur book like that?
Wouldn't you like to read that?
Sit here and read Matt the book until I take care of things.
Whatever you do, just don't listen to anything I say. Thank you.

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