You've Got Mail (1998): Viewing the Construction Site


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The clip viewing the construction site from You've Got Mail (1998) with Dave Chappelle, Tom Hanks

The electrical contractor hit a deer last night.
So he won't be here till tomorrow.
And upstairs, the shelves are late...
...because the pine we ordered has beetles.
Very good.
And we got a $50,000 ticket for workers peeing off the roof.
That is great. Is the electrician here?
I just told you he hit a deer. I knew you weren't listening to me.
You're right. I wasn't.
"I hear nothing.
Not a sound on the city streets, just the beat of my own heart. "
I think that's how it goes. Something like that.
You and Patricia got engaged, didn't you? You can tell me.
Are you crazy?
I thought you liked Patricia.
I do.
I love Patricia.
Patricia's amazing. She makes coffee nervous.
We should announce ourselves to the neighborhood: "Here we come. "
This is the Upper West Side.
We might as well tell them we're opening a crack house.
They're going to hate us.
They'll be lining up to picket the big bad chain store...
...that's out to destroy...
Everything they hold dear.
We're going to seduce them with our square footage...
...and our discounts and our deep armchairs...
...and our cappuccino.
They're going to hate us at the beginning...
...but we'll get them in the end.
And you know why?
Because we'll sell cheap books and legal addictive stimulants.
In the meantime, we'll just put up a big sign:
"Coming Soon, a Fox Books Superstore. The End of Civilization...

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