R-Point (2004): the Only Survivor


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The clip the only survivor from R-Point (2004)

You're there, aren't you?
You're fooling around, right sir?
I need to go back home with the money I earned.
My mom's dying to see me!
But I'm a little scared.
I'm afraid my mom won't recognize me
because I've changed so much.
Because I can't... see anything now.
My home's too far away.
Hey, Cook, take your angels to the Royal Palace!
Lee, Byun and Joh!
You bastards, stop playing tricks on me!
Damn, it's time to go home, right!
We haven't spotted anyone, except an injured soldier.
But he's completely lost it.
We've searched R-Point,
but the other 8 haven't been found.
We're heading back, with the only survivor, Roger!

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