The Matrix Revolutions (2003): Sixteen


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The clip Sixteen from The Matrix Revolutions (2003) with Nathaniel Lees, Clayton Watson

What the shit is going on over here?
An accident, sir. I didn't see...
I'm sorry.
Who the hell are you?
A unit volunteer, sir.
What's a pod-born pencil-neck like you doing volunteering for my Corps?
I want to do my part, sir. We gotta hold the dock.
How old are you, kid?
Should have said 16, I might have believed that.
Okay, I'm 16.
Minimum age for the Corps is 18. Sixteen's too young.
The machines don't care how old I am. They'll kill me just the same.
Ain't that the goddamn truth.
Give me a chance, sir. I won't let you down.
You do, and you'll find me and the machines have got something in common.

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