The Perfect Man (2005): Chat Part 2


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The clip chat Part 2 from The Perfect Man (2005)

Yeah, well, I make whoppers, over and over...
and my kids are the ones who suffer.
It's not fair.
This wasn't the plan, you know.
I had a big future in mind when I was younger.
I was going to be a famous baker.
Like Julia Child, but with desserts.
I was going to go to a fancy cooking school.
Write cookbooks.
Make people fall in love with baking again.
I had all the applications, too.
I was in the middle of filling them out when I learned I was pregnant.
I thought it was good news.
A baby fit into my happily-ever-after plan just fine.
But it didn't fit into the guy's.
Or maybe it was me that didn't fit.
Whichever. I was on my own.
So you had your kid instead of fulfilling your dream.
I guess I did.
If you had to do it all over, would you have gone to school instead?
Life definitely would have been easier if I'd done that.

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