The Perfect Man (2005): Fake Phone Call


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The clip fake phone call from The Perfect Man (2005)

I need to ask you a huge favor.
Hi to you, too.
I need you to break up with my mom for me.
When did I start dating her?
Not as you. As the perfect man, Ben.
No way.
Come on. Please.
Just call her at 7:00, put on a deep voice and tell her it's over.
What's my reason?
Men never have reasons. They just split.
Why can't you just break up over e-mail?
Because that's too cold.
Besides, I want her to hear his voice.
Yeah, but it wouldn't be his voice.
It would be mine, what with him not existing and all.
Come on, you know what I mean. Please, Adam.
If I tell her that this was all fake, she'll be crushed.
And she'll never forgive me.
But if he just dumps her, that she's used to.
There's no way I'm doing this.
May I ask who's calling?
Holly, can we just talk about it?
Mom, it's for you.
No, no, it's not funny.
This is Ben calling.
Ben? As in "Ben" Ben?
I don't know.
How many Bens do you know?
I mean, one. I know you.
How is China?
It's very Chinese.
Lots of Chinese people.
Chinese food.
You're funny.
And you're calling me...

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