The Perfect Man (2005): Write a Fake Letter


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The clip write a fake letter from The Perfect Man (2005)

"When first we practice to deceive!"
Who wants to talk about what that means?
He needs to write her a letter.
The perfect man.
Adam, care to elucidate?
Yeah, you.
What do you think Sir Walter Scott was talking about?
You're going to forge a letter?
I have to. If I don't...
my mom's going to be walking down the aisle...
to the sound of Mr. Roboto.
Well, I think, it's that lies get complicated.
Usually if you tell a lie, you have to tell another lie.
Except she's totally going to recognize my handwriting.
She won't recognize mine.
And each lie turns into another lie...
and another lie, and it makes things complicated.
Until, eventually, you're left with this big mess of lies...
that you can't find your way out of.
We'll do it right after school.
All right. I'll buy that.
Alana, what does "tangled web" symbolize?
What if she's into word games?
Scrabble, you know, stuff like that?
Oh, yeah. Good stuff.
A little wit, a little wordplay. I like that.
I know what I'm doing borders on delusional...
but what can I say?
Desperate times call for desperate measures.
Trust me. If you met Lenny...
you'd lick the envelope and lend me a stamp.

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