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The clip email from The Perfect Man (2005)

It's kind of messy.
It's kind of dark.
Oh, yeah.
Should be on.
Thank you so much for letting me do this.
You must think that I'm crazy, but at least my mom's happy, you know.
It's such a change...
'cause she usually spends most of her time depressed or with idiots.
Maybe I should try it.
My mom only smiles once a month when the alimony check comes.
And if she's been dumped a lot? Then what?
A lot?
That's a tough one.
I guess the perfect guy would be...
He could be anywhere in the world...
but he chooses to be with her because...
life is better with her by his side.
Dear Passionate Baker...
I'm spending my days with very serious business people...
and I know I should be listening to every word they say...
but all I keep thinking is...
what am I doing all the way in China?
Unbelievable. Listen to this.
Come on. Let's go.
It's from Ben.
"I planned this restaurant before I'd ever laid eyes on you.
"If I had to do it over...
"I'd buy the building right next to yours and open there. "
He'd rather be with me.
Why don't you write him back?
Excuse me.
Dear Brooklyn Boy...
if your food's half as good as your letters...
nothing would make me happier than having your restaurant on my block.
But I'd hate to deprive the nation of China...
of that kind of satisfaction. So open your restaurant there first.

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