The Perfect Man (2005): Pick Up


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The clip pick up from The Perfect Man (2005) with Heather Locklear, Hilary Duff

Nothing's impossible.
No. Some things are.
Like a man that sends you an orchid, the most romantic flower...
and then turns around and sends you a yellow rose.
That's the kind of flower...
that someone sends their sick grandmother in the hospital.
I'll get it.
Mom, please, can you just listen to me?
I read that note, okay?
A man like that...
a poet, he doesn't take a woman to a Styx concert.
Well, it's different.
So is a peanut butter and glue sandwich.
That doesn't mean you eat it.
Holly, I like this guy. He seems to like me.
Would it kill you to give him a chance?
Princess Zoe?
You can tell I'm a princess from all my beautiful necklaces.
Okay. Yeah, that makes sense.
Hi, Lenny.
Wow, Jean. Whoa! Great outfit.
Damn, where did you get that?
Who's-a-hottie. com?
All right. So, you got everything you need?
Yeah. Let me just put this on.
Hey, Holly, your mom said that Saturday night is movie night.
So, what do you say on me...
you take Princess Zoe here, you guys go see Bambi?
I'm not actually sure that Bambi is still in theaters.
Which is such a shame because I'm just dying to take...
my 7-year-old little sister to a movie where the mom gets...
killed by the evil male hunter.
I want to go see that.
Thank you, Lenny. That's very nice of you.
Thank you, Lenny. That's very nice of you.
Be good.
Wow! It's great.
Yeah, it's a 1980 Pontiac Trans Am two-door hardtop.

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