Casablanca (1942): Urgate's Arrest


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The clip Urgate's arrest from Casablanca (1942) with Paul Henreid, Claude Rains

Good evening, gentlemen.
Good evening, captain.
Won't you join us?
Thank you.
It's a pleasure to have you here, major.
Champagne and a tin of caviar.
May I recommend Veuve Clicquot '26, a good French wine.
Very well, sir.
A very interesting club.
Especially so tonight, major.
In a few minutes you'll see the arrest of the man who murdered your couriers.
I expected no less, captain.
Monsieur Ugarte.
Will you please come with us?
May I first please cash my chips?
Very lucky, huh? Two thousand, please.
Rick! Rick, help me!
Don't be a fool. You can't get away.
But, Rick, hide me. Do something!
Excellent, captain.
When they come for me, I hope you'll be more of a help.
I stick my neck out for nobody.
I'm sorry there was a disturbance, folks, but it's all over now.
Just sit down and have a good time. Enjoy yourselves. All right, Sam.

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