Casablanca (1942): Renault Introduces Himself


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The clip Renault introduces himself from Casablanca (1942) with Claude Rains, Ingrid Bergman

Monsieur Laszlo, is it not?
I am Captain Renault, prefect of police.
Yes, what is it you want?
Merely to welcome you to Casablanca and wish you a pleasant stay.
It isn't often we have so distinguished a visitor.
Thank you. I hope you'll forgive me, captain.
The present French administration hasn't always been so cordial.
May I present Miss Ilsa Lund.
I was told you were the most beautiful woman ever to visit Casablanca.
That was a gross understatement.
You're very kind.
Won't you join us?
If you will permit me.
Oh, no, Emile, please. A bottle of your best champagne. And put it on my bill.
It's a game we play. They put it on the bill, I tear up the bill. It is very convenient.
Captain, the boy who's playing the piano...
Somewhere I've seen him.
He came from Paris with Rick.
Rick? Who is he?
Mademoiselle, you are in Rick's. Rick is...
Is what?
Mademoiselle, he's the kind of man that, well, if I were a woman...
...and I were not around, I should be in love with Rick.
But what a fool I am talking to a beautiful woman about another man.
Excuse me.

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