Casablanca (1942): Ready for Laszlo's Arrest


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The clip ready for Laszlo's arrest from Casablanca (1942)

You're late.
I was informed when Laszlo left the hotel... I knew I'd be on time.
I asked you to tie up your watchdogs.
He won't be followed here.
This place will never be the same without you.
I know what you mean. But I've spoken to Ferrari. You'll still win at roulette.
Is everything ready?
I have the letters right here.
When we searched the place, where were they?
Sam's piano.
Serves me right for not being musical.
Here they are.
You better wait in my office.
Victor thinks I'm leaving with him. Haven't you told him?
Not yet.
But you were able to arrange everything?
Everything is quite all right.
We'll tell him at the airport. The less time to think, the easier.
Please trust me.
Yes, I will.

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