Ocean's Eleven (2001): Most Successful Robberies


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The clip most successful robberies from Ocean's Eleven (2001) with Elliott Gould, George Clooney

You're both of you nuts!
I know more about casino security than any man. I invented it.
And it cannot be beaten.
They got cameras and watchers, they got locks.
They got timers, vaults.
They got enough armed personnel to occupy Paris!
Okay, bad example.
It's never been tried.
It's been tried. A few guys even came close.
You know the three most successful robberies in Vegas?
Number three, the bronze medal.
Pencil neck grabs a lockbox at the Horseshoe.
Grab the guy in the suit!
He got two steps closer to the door than anyone before.
Leave the money!
Second most successful robbery:
The Flamingo in '71. This guy actually tasted fresh oxygen before they grabbed him.
Of course, he was breathing out ofa hose for the next three weeks.
Goddamn hippie.
And the closest any man has ever come to robbing a Las Vegas casino was outside of Caesars in '87.
He came he grabbed they conquered.
But what am I saying? You guys are pros. The best.
I'm sure you can make it out of the casino.
Of course, lest we forget once you're out, you're still in the middle of the fucking desert!
You're right. He's right.

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