Ocean's Eleven (2001): Transport Negotiation


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The clip Transport Negotiation from Ocean's Eleven (2001) with George Clooney, Brad Pitt

We need to build an exact replica of the Bellagio vault.
To practice?
Something like that.
Fifth task: intelligence. We need those codes, Linus from the guy who has all three.
Who, Benedict?
Learn to love his shadow.
All I get to do is watch the guy?
Gotta walk before you crawl.
Reverse that.
Sixth task: transport.
Well, I am sorry, but $18,500 a piece is the best offer that I can make.
Well, I understand.
They are some great-looking vans.
Yes, sir, top of the line.
Okay. Thank you for your time, Mr...?
Denham. Billy Tim Denham.
Denham like a jean.
That's it. Just like the jean.
Man, you got some lovely hands here. Do you moisturize?
I'm sorry?
I've tried lots of lotion.
I even went fragrance-free for a year. Now my sister she uses aloe vera with a little sunscreen in it.
Ideally, we all should wear gloves to bed but I found there was interference with my social agenda, you know.
Plus, I react to the camphor. So I'm not into the traditional remedies.
Let me tell you something. If you could pay cash I could drop that down to seven-
Sixteen each.
Yes, sir.
You'd do that?
Yes, sir.
That'd be lovely. They told me to see you.
Well, I'm glad they did.
They told me.
Well, let me go get the paperwork. You just wait here at the table.
You do that.
Thank you.

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