Liar Liar (1997): Getting the Cole Case

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Published 11 Nov 2011
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The clip getting the cole case from Liar Liar (1997) with Jim Carrey, Jennifer Tilly

Well, this is go...
The clip getting the cole case from Liar Liar (1997) with Jim Carrey, Jennifer Tilly

Well, this is good.
This is really smart.
Thank you.
Well, it's not true. Does that present a problem?
Mrs. Cole, the only problem here...
is that after you've provided years of faithful service and loving support,
of raising his children- they are his?
Huh? Oh. Yeah, yeah. One for sure.
After all that, your husband wants to deny you...
a fair share of the assets based on one act of indiscretion.
Pardon me?
Seven single acts of indiscretion.
Seven acts of indiscretion,
only one of which he has any evidence of...
and all of which he himself is responsible for.
He is?
Mrs. Cole.
You're the victim here. The wife of a cold, distant workaholic.
Starved for affection, driven into the arms of another man!
Yeah, whatever!
You're not trying to deny him what is rightfully his.
All you're insisting on is what is rightfully yours.
And maybe a... fraction more.
I think you're bending over backwards.
Yeah. I did offer to give him joint custody of the kids.
He is, after all, a wonderful father.
And how does he repay you?
By dragging you through a painful litigation process!
No, no, no, no! This can't happen!
With all due respect, this isn't about you and Mr. Cole anymore.
This is about all women.
Where would Tina Turner be right now if she'd rolled over and said,
"Hit me again, Ike, and put some stank on it?"
Rollin' on the river, that's where she'd be.
But she's beyond Thunderdome, because she decided to send a message.
Wake up, sisters! There's no-o-o-o-o-o...
such thing as a weaker sex!
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