Videodrome (1983): Inside Spectacular Optical


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The clip Inside Spectacular Optical from Videodrome (1983) . Powered by: Anyclip. any moment from any film.

Well, hello, sport.
They call me Brolley. How can I help you, sir?
Just looking.
Yeah, man.
Well, that's a good one.
There ain't much to see here, but take your time and have a good look anyway.
Ah, what this?
Yeah, this is one hell of a scrip you got here.
Very tricky grind.
Can't imagine you'd see things too clear without them, you know.
Well, don't worry at all. I'm gonna get you fixed up in no time flat.
Where's Convex?
Oh, setting up his trade show.
Gotta introduce the spring line.
What's in the box?
Your head.
Got your head in this box.
Been busy, Max.
Been readin' about you in the papers.
Have you been to see Bianca O'Blivion?
I saw her.
And she give you any trouble?
Well, that's good.
Maybe you'd like to visit somebody else now.
Is that why you're here?

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