Videodrome (1983): Hallucination Recording Device

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Published 18 Apr 2012
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The clip Hallucination recording device from Videodrome (1983) with Leslie Carlson. Powered by: Anyclip. any moment from any film.

Here she is. This is our prototype.
This is the little number that started it all.
I would like you to try this on for size.
I would like to use this machine to record one of your hallucinations now.
Then I would like to take that tape back with me to home base for analysis.
Do I get to keep the copyright?
I mean, I'd hate to see it show up as a Movie of the Week and not get paid for it.
Max, I'm trying to help you.
What makes you think I need help, Barry?
None of our test subjects has returned to... normality.
They're all in need of intensive psychiatric care.
Now, you seem to be functioning reasonably well...
so far.
I'd like to find out why,
and I think an analysis of one of your hallucinations...
would be the right place to start.
Will it hurt?
It won't hurt you.
You might catch yourself sliding in and out...
of a hallucinatory state after this is all over.
If you do, just relax and enjoy it. It'll soon go away.
But for now, I think that you'll find a little S-and-M...
will be necessary to trigger off a good, healthy series of hallucinations.
That's why our Videodrome show is so strange.
Something to do with the effects of exposure to violence on the nervous system.
It opens up receptors in the brain and the spine,
and that allows the Videodrome signal to sink in.
You mean I'm gonna have to hurt you, Barry?
'Fraid not. You don't have to actually hurt anybody.
You just have to think about it.
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