Videodrome (1983): Bianca O'Blivion


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Bianca O'Blivion?
I'm Max Renn. I, uh- I run Civic TV.
I did a panel show with Prof. O'Blivion. The Rena King Show.
Oh, yes. You said some very superficial things.
Violence, sex, imagination, catharsis.
My exact words.
What do you want?
I wanna talk with your father...
about a new twist in video that he may not be aware of.
I love the view.
You look like them, like one of Father's derelicts.
Think it's a style that's coming back.
In their case, Mr. Renn, it's not a style.
It's a disease forced on them by their lack of access to the cathode ray tube.
You think a few doses of TV are gonna help them?
Watching TV will help patch them back into the world's mixing board.
And I guess you encourage Father's derelicts to make home movies?
The world's mixing board?
Prof. O'Blivion sends video letters all over the world.
Is the Professor here?
I am my father's screen.
Once you've told me what this visit is all about, he may choose to send you a cassette.

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