Videodrome (1983): Information About Videordrome


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The clip Information about Videordrome from Videodrome (1983) with Lynne Gorman, James Woods. Powered by: Anyclip. any moment from any film.

So... don't believe.
Why do it for real? It's easier and safer to fake it.
Because it has something...
that you don't have, Max.
It has a philosophy, and that is what makes it dangerous.
Whose philosophy?
There must be a name.
Give me a name I can talk to. Masha, Masha, you know me.
I stay away from the scary stuff.
you are going to have to be nice to me for this.
We can take a shower together, anytime you say.
I'm sure you would be very beautiful,
but, uh, you're a little older than I prefer.
Thank you...
so much.
Sell me a name,
and I'll make Apollo and Dionysus part of the package.
That hurts me, Max.
Hey, the world's a shithole, ain't it?
Yes, Max.
It is.
Brian O'Blivion.
That is the only name I have to give.
Professor Brian O'Blivion.

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