Waterworld (1995): Trading with Drifter Part 2


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The clip trading with drifter Part 2 from Waterworld (1995) with Chaim Girafi, Kevin Costner

We're not for sale.
Not for sale? There's no such thing as not for sale.
"Not for sale"! Not for sale, eh?
Are they a pair or would you consider sellin' 'em separate?
Our business is done here unless you got some resin for sale you can part with.
I told you once already, I don't have it.
I-I don't have it. Don't have it. Don't have it.
Haven't seen neither for trade in lunars now. Wait. Wait, wait, wait.
I do have somethin' that'll make you change your mind.
Somethin' that you can't pass on.
I took it off an Atoller refugee camp.
The life savings of the entire clan.
It's paper. Have you ever seen paper? Look at it.
Smell it.
I been savin' it for a special trade.
Don't you do it.
You know, maybe I'm talkin' to the wrong person here.
Whose boat is this? Is it your boat or your boat?
No. No, it's his boat. But he doesn't own us.
Half an hour.

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