Waterworld (1995): Deacon Finding out Information About Girl and Mariner


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The clip deacon finding out information about girl and mariner from Waterworld (1995) with Dennis Hopper

She's here somewhere. Keep lookin'.
Stop it!
What you got?
Couple of heartbeats over there. Aren't sayin' much.
If you'll notice the arterial nature of the blood comin' from the hole in my head,
you can assume that we're all havin' a real lousy day.
So here it is: I need to know about that tattooed girl.
First one that tells me lives.
I saw a girl. I saw, I saw
It was
Sh-She had a big tattoo on her.
You won. Start over.
I saw a girl. I'm not sure,
but I think she got on that boat with three hulls.
The boat that cost me a thousand G's of go-juice?
Yeah, the mute-o's boat.
Yeah. He got these slits here.
Like- Like fish gills.
He wasn't really a man.
A fluke of evolution.
Oh, I'm sorry. A fluke of, uh-
I know!
No! No, you said you wouldn't kill me!
Did I say that?
Witnesses, anybody, did I?
Yes, yes, yes! You said-
You said it.
Oh, I may have.
I may have.
We get to the 'Deez,
tank up that sky boat; send it out on patrol.
We gotta keep an eye out...
for that ichthy-freak.

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