Waterworld (1995): Talking to Thief on Boat


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The clip talking to thief on boat from Waterworld (1995) with Chaim Girafi, Kevin Costner

Bad luck, English.
But the Slavers are producing a good grade of poxy these days.
Cost you a handful of dirt- or maybe that wind chime.
What are you doin' here?
Just waiting.
Take your hand off the sail.
Take it off!
I've seen your boat before. Haven't seen you.
Took it legal.
Previous owner was dead on the tiller when I found it.
You had another hour before I traded up again.
Just improving my means.
Well, I owe you then.
No, thanks.
I got all the supplies I need. Just came from an atoll.
Eight days east, if you're interested.
Two drifters meet, something needs to be exchanged.
I know the code.
But I'll give you this one for free.
Nothing's free in Waterworld.
Ha-ha. Yeah.
Just enough wind to get away clean.

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