Waterworld (1995): Survivors Talking Abuot Finding Dry Land


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The clip survivors talking abuot finding dry land from Waterworld (1995) with Kevin Costner

You can't ask us to go get her!
Enola's the reason we're in all this trouble.
They don't have any reason to kill her. They need to find Dryland just like we do.
Of course.
If the Mariner's willing to go, why not us?
If he wants to go, then let him!
We don't want you here! You or the girl!
Helen. The papers the Mariner brought you-
It's the same language the tattoo is written in. They're numbers.
Gregor, you're as crazy as she is!
We can't stay here!
We're wasting valuable time. More Smokers will come. We need to be moving now!
My friends, don't you see we need this child if we want to find Dryland?
I'm not goin'.
Nobody is.
We've seen their smoke on the horizon!
Know what that is yet?
The numbers? Yes, I think I do.
It seems to be some ancient form of geographic location: latitude, longitude.
It doesn't make sense, though. The numbers, they seem to be backwards or something.
It's upside down.
The world?
The poles have reversed themselves?
I've been mappin' the cities below.
The world wasn't created in a deluge. It was covered by it.
That's blasphemy!
No, it's true.
I've seen it with my own eyes. There is land. It's right under our keel.
None of it's dry anymore.
Some is.
Enola's been there. I know that now. I saw what she drew.
So that's why he's going after Enola- to find Dryland.
I don't care about Dryland.
This is ridiculous. Going after the Smokers?

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