Swordfish (2001): The War On Terrorism


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The clip The War On Terrorism from Swordfish (2001) with Hugh Jackman, John Travolta

Who are we at war with?
Anyone who impinges on America's freedom.
Terrorist states, Stanley.
Someone must bring their war to them.
They bomb a church, we bomb 10.
They hijack a plane, we take out an airport.
They execute American tourists, we nuke an entire city.
We make terrorism so horrific that it's unthinkable to attack Americans.
You're not using the phone lines. You're going into the bank.
And you're coming with us. It'll all be over in 24 hours.
You're a rich man, Stanley.
Soon you'll be on a yacht with your daughter, eating bonbons.
The American dream. And just think:
You'll have done your small part in ensuring America's way of life.
You're a hero, Stan.
Stay there!
Don't worry. Let him go.
He'll be back.
Okay, load them up. Let's move out. Let's go!

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