Swordfish (2001): Life is Stranger Than Fiction


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The clip Life is Stranger Than Fiction from Swordfish (2001) with John Travolta

Fast-forward to today. Present time, same situation.
How quickly would the media make a frenzy? ln hours.
It would be the biggest story from Boston to Budapest.
Ten hostages die.
Twenty, thirty.
Relentless. Bam, bim. One after another.
All on hi-def, computer-enhanced. You can almost taste the brain matter.
All for what? A bus, a plane?
A couple million dollars that's federally insured?
I don't think so, but just a thought.
I mean, it's not within the realm of conventional cinema, but what if?
-There's a problem with that movie. -Really?
-It wouldn't work. -How come?
-Audiences love happy endings. -Pacino escapes with the money.
Boyfriend gets a sex change. Live happily ever after.
-No? -No.
Bad guy can't win. It's a morality tale.
One way or the other, he's gotta go down.
Well, life is stranger than fiction sometimes.
You know, guys, I gotta go.
Gotta jet.
Thanks for the coffee.

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