Swordfish (2001): Ginger Convinces Stan


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The clip Ginger Convinces Stan from Swordfish (2001)

-Get away from me. -I really want to help you, Stan.
Like you helped me in there?
-That was a test, Stan. -A test.
And you passed.
I don't know why I let you talk me into this.
You're saving your daughter.
I'd do anything for her, but if I end up in a box or in jail then I really can't help her.
I'm taking my money and going back to court!
With your little $100,000?
Melissa will throw $500,000 back at you. Think!
I'm thinking that you'll put a gun to my head just to see if I can--
I can't pee in front of an audience.
Let me break it down to you, Stanley, one last time.
You live in a trailer.
You're a felon. You work a dead-end job.
And you desperately want your daughter back.
Gabriel is your only shot.
Take it.
-I'm concerned about our new friend. -Oh, now, don't be jealous.
I don't see him dragging his sorry ass over the finish line.
-Thought we lost you. -Tell me what the deal is.
The deal is that we're having a little gathering at the house.
Come and I'll explain it to you there.
Gentlemen, if it's not good news, don't say it.

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