Diary of the Dead (2007): Meeting Friend at Mansion Part 2


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The clip meeting friend at mansion Part 2 from Diary of the Dead (2007)

Francine? Hello!
Hey Max!
This is where the party was
Good lord!
Treasures. Absolute treasures.
A tale of two cities.
First edition. You have any ideas how much this is worth?
It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.
Ridley! You scared us half to dead!
You came! This is great. This is so fuckin great to have all you guys here!
Where�s Francine?
Where are your parents?
Why was the front door open?
Oh, what that?
I was outside. Just came back in. Must not have shut it behind me.
Stupid. You know me. I'm stupid.
What's in there?
Panic room.
Wow. What's going on? Why were you in there?
Just checking the generator. That's all. Everything's fine.
Even better now that you're here.
Guys! Hell. It's such so great to have you guys here!
You must be totally burned.
What can I get for you? Something to eat? Drink?
A cocktail would be lovely.
The bar is up right over there.
I'll love to get this damn corset off me now, please.
You know what I like?
A long, hot bath.
Pick a bathroom. We've got six. Clean towels, soap, shampoo.
Whatever you'll need. Whatever.

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