Diary of the Dead (2007): Looking for Help at Hospital Part 2


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The clip looking for help at hospital Part 2 from Diary of the Dead (2007) with Joshua Close, Amy Ciupak Lalonde

We're not gonna be able, by just standing around here.
Fuck! Losing juice.
Let�s see if we can find some batteries.
There's somebody!
Excuse me!
Excuse me.
We've an emergency. Our friend is hurt and we need help.
Oh my god. What's wrong with him?
He's dead. That's what wrong with him..
Get the gun.
Debby. Gun!
Try the head! Try the head!
Yeah, shoot him in the head!
Shoot him in the head!
Fuck. The battery almost dead.
Yeah, that's not all?
What you mean?
What is going on?
Jesus, the nurse.
Dead doctor, dead nurse make sense doesn't it?
Fuckin hurry up! Gordo!
It's jammed!
OK, I'm gonna try something.
Get her attention, just to try to get her attention!
Come over here! Hey come after me!
Careful Debra. Careful.
Jesus H!
Jesus Christ.
Whoa, whoa, those are hot! Put it back where you've found them.
We've got to get her a doctor.
Yeah, a live one.
I got it.
Let's go.
Don't leave without me.
What? You're not coming with us?
I can't, I gotta plug in.
Leave it, let it charge.
I can't, I can't leave without the camera.
The camera's the whole thing.
Getting help is the whole thing.

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