Diary of the Dead (2007): Explaining How Jason Shot the Movie


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The clip explaining how jason shot the movie from Diary of the Dead (2007) with Michelle Morgan

We downloaded a lot of what we found off on television, on the net, off blogs.
Images and commentaries over those first few days.
Most of it were bullshit. None of it were useful.
This is what we were getting from the news networks.
None of us, can claim to know exactly
what has caused the chaos, that we've been experiencing.
A natural calamity or sort of a massive or monstrous hoax?
I'm old enough to remember Orson Well's War Of the Worlds
or the world's possibly greatest hoax, ever perpetrated.
That�s when it just rained. Now it�s 24/7.
Some kind of germ. Some kind of epidemic
we are led to believe almost anything...
We made a film, the one I'm going to show you now.
Actually, Jason was the one who wanted to make it.
Like that camera man from channel 10
He wanted to upload it, so that people, you, could be told the truth.
The film was shot with a Panasonic HDX-900-and a HVX-200.
I did the final cut on Jason's laptop.
I've added music occasionally for effects, hoping to scare you.
You see, in addition to trying to tell you the truth
I am, hoping to scare you.
so that maybe you'll, wake up.
Maybe you won't make any of the same mistake that we've made.
Anyway, here it is:
Jason Creed: The Death of death.

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