The Scorpion King (2002): the Free Tribes's Alliance


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The clip the free tribes's alliance from The Scorpion King (2002) with Roger Rees, Michael Clarke Duncan

My father has called for silence!
Hold your tongues!
We are gathered in this place to put our differences aside.
There is still time for us.
The last of the free tribes.
To stand together against this tyrant.
With his sorcerer at his side-
no mortal can defeat Memnon.
And if the sorcerer were to die?
What then?
It's too late for your schemes, Pheron.
I've raided Memnon's caravans, broken the supply lines to his troops-
but he still swept across the land like a plague.
I will not send my people to their deaths in a battle that can't be won.
And what people would that be, Balthazar?
You are the ruler of Nothing-
but a pile of rocks-
and sand.
If I'm no king-
why are you on your knees before me?!

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