The Scorpion King (2002): Leaving Gomorra


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The clip leaving Gomorra from The Scorpion King (2002) with Grant Heslov, Dwayne Johnson

Alas, I must leave you now.
There is the traitor!
Holy Great Covens!
He's dead! Just admit it, you smelly camel. I'm you're master now, you belong to me!
He's dead... dead! Dead!
You are alive! I knew it!
I was just saying to the camel:
Camel, no one could kill our good friend, Mathayus!
Get on.
Why should I make it easy for you? You're sworn to kill me.
Others will die first.
That's comforting.
So... who is your friend?
Memnon’s sorcerer.
Memnon’s sorcerer! Are you insane?! She could get us all killed.
Memnon will have to leave the safety of his palace to get her!
So you're going to use me first and then kill me. I feel so much better.
I could always do it the other way around and kill you first?!
So, where are we going?
The Valley of the Dead.
The Valley of the Dead?!
Nobody goes there! That's why they call it The Valley of the Dead!
Wait for me, please!

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