The Scorpion King (2002): Philos's Magic Powder


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The clip Philos's magic powder from The Scorpion King (2002) with Dwayne Johnson, Bernard Hill

Are you ready! I kill half, you kill half! Alright... I kill them all!
How about we go around them and not kill anyone?!
Good Lord! Are you going to kill me?
Maybe later.
Memnon is always threatening to have my head.
Don't touch that!
What is it?
It's my special magic powder.
Magic powder?!
Yes, magic powder. It's a Chinese formula that I procured at great expense.
If I get the recipe right it will move mountains clear roadways at an instant.
Do great things... wonderful things- or terrible things!
Like all my inventions, Memnon will try to use it for war.
Where is Memnon?
Why, you mean to kill him?
In that case, I'd say he's in the training-courtyard.

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