About a Boy (2002): Will Tells the Truth


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The clip Will tells the truth from About a Boy (2002)

Marcus? What, are you stalking me?
Too bad. Made me feel like a celebrity.
Yeah, but I didn't know that then, did I, sexy?
All I'm saying is, you know, watch out.
It just looks a bit more like owner and pet than boyfriend and girlfriend.
At least I'm honest.
What does that mean?
It's just that you and Rachel...
What? What does that mean?
I don't know, I think there's a problem with you and Rachel.
I mean, like, you want to be with her but she thinks you have a son.
And you don't.
If you're going to be with someone...
...shouldn't you tell them things like that?
I mean, you know, like the truth.
What's wrong with you?
But later that night, when I was on my own...
...I remembered the deal Marcus was prepared to strike.
Yes, I wanted to touch Rachel.
But at this moment, if I had the choice...
...I'd settle for the less and the more that Marcus wanted.
Jesus, was I turning into Marcus?
Would he be buying me shoes soon?
I took his advice and told Rachel the truth.
Or very nearly the truth.
That I wasn't Marcus' natural father.
And that is not natural seaweed.
The problem was, once I told the truth, I knew there'd be more questions.
I don't get it. If you're not his natural father...
...and you don't live with him, then how is he your son?
Yeah, I see.
It must look very confusing from the outside.
Tell me how it is on the inside.
It's just one of those long, boring stories.
Look, do you want to move on to wine?
You want some Chinese rice wine, miss?
You would like to try, I suspect, the Panang Paneng.
Tell me about your relationship with Ali.

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