About a Boy (2002): Will Lying About Children


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The clip Will lying about children from About a Boy (2002)

While I couldn't accept the offer...
...to become their child's godfather...
...I did allow them to set me up with Angie, a rather beautiful coworker of Christine's.
They had, however, being them, neglected to tell me one thing.
There's something you don't know about me.
Something exciting?
I think so, yes.
I have a 3-year-old boy.
I wanted to throw the napkin on the floor, push over the table and run.
Brilliant. I love kids.
Yeah. I like messing about with them.
Doing kid things.
I'd have been disappointed if you didn't have a child.
Why do you say that?
God knows.
Mainly because it sounded smooth and winning.
Because I love kids so much. They're so lovely.
What in God's name are you saying, you idiot?
She can't be buying this rubbish.
But she did buy my rubbish.
And for the next few weeks I was suddenly Will the Good Guy.
Her kid took to me, mainly because on our first meeting...
...I took him to the zoo and held him upside down by his ankles.
I wish relationships with proper humans were that easy.
You know, you are brilliant.
I came to realize that with single mums...

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