About a Boy (2002): About Girlfriends


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The clip about girlfriends from About a Boy (2002) with Hugh Grant

Hello, mate.
Listen, I need your help.
Why did you tell this lady I was your son?
No, I didn't tell her.
I told you, she just got the wrong end of the stick.
So just tell her.
No. Can't do that.
Why not?
We're really going around in circles here. Just accept the facts, okay?
You're my son.
I'll tell her, if you like. I don't mind.
That's very kind of you, Marcus, but no.
Why not?
For Christ's sake!
She's got a rare disease and if she believes something that's not right...
...then hears the truth, her brain will boil in her head and she'll die, okay?
That's a load of shit.
I'm really interested in this woman.
What do you mean, interested?
What's so interesting about her?
Okay, Marcus, here.
Here's my last scrap of dignity. Enjoy it.
I want to go out with her. Okay?
I'd like her to be my girlfriend. There, I said it.
Brilliant! Why didn't you just say that?
I don't know.
I was embarrassed or something, 'cause this is a bit new for me.
I just met her, her name's Rachel. She's sort of-
There's this girl at school. Ellie.
I kind of want her to be my girlfriend.
I'm not exactly sure.
I've been meaning to ask you.
What's the difference between a girl who's your friend and a girlfriend?
Well, I don't know.
Do you want to touch her?

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