About a Boy (2002): Spat Part 2


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The clip spat Part 2 from About a Boy (2002)

...and then one day her bags were packed, and my best friend was waiting outside...
...in his Ferrari.
Yeah. You know, the Modena?
The one with the supercharged engine, where you can see it through the back window?
You got dumped then?
May I ask, does your ex see Ned at all?
Sorry, I didn't catch your name.
She doesn't see much of him, no.
How does he cope with that?
He's a very good little boy.
Very, very brave.
They've got amazing resources, don't they?
Just the other day I was thinking about my ex.
He came crawling up, put his little pudgy arms around my neck, and he said:
"You hang in there, Dad. "
God, that's amazing for a 2-year-old!
Is it?
Yeah, he's very special. Very, very special.
Sometimes I think, you know, he's the one taking care of me.
Teaching me the ways of the world.
Thank you.
My God, what a performancel I was even fooling myself.

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