About a Boy (2002): Fiona Confronts Will Part 2


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The clip Fiona confronts Will Part 2 from About a Boy (2002) with Hugh Grant, Toni Collette

No, I'm not! No, I'm not.
Listen, don't worry about it.
I won't open the door to Marcus again, okay?
I'll be glad to be rid of the pair of you, frankly.
Go on. Bugger off.
So that's it, is it?
You're just out of his life, like that.
Excuse me?
Let's say you're right and I'm wrong.
Let's say there's this whole world...
...that I don't understand, and somehow, miraculously, you do.
What are you going to do about it?
I'm not going to do anything. He's none of my business.
You're a selfish bastard.
That's what I tell him.
He always puts himself first.
But I'm on my own.
It's just me.
I'm not putting myself first. There's nobody else.
Yes, there is!
There's Marcus. You're involved now.
He keeps coming around your bloody house.
You've come into his life for a reason.
You can't just shut him out.
You can't shut life out. "No man is an island. "
She's right, you know.
Yeah, she is.
No, she's not! She's wrong!
Some men are islands. I'm a bloody island!
I'm bloody Ibiza!
What are you talking about?
Do you want to come over for Christmas?

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