Billy Elliot (2000): Warming Billy's Hands


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The clip Warming Billy's hands from Billy Elliot (2000)

Fucking great Christmas this has been.
Go on. Have some.
Where'd you get it?
Me dad's got loads in the kitchen.
Won't he notice?
He never knows how much is there.
Tastes like piss.
You get used to it.
Maybe you could run away or something.
You know, join a dancing troupe.
Don't be so stupid.
Well, maybe it's all for the best.
What do you mean?
You won't have to go away or nothing.
My hands are freezing.
Give us them here.
What are you doing?
Nothing. Just warming your hands up.
You're not a poof or aught?
What gave you that impression?
Aren't me hands cold?
I quite like it.
Just 'cause I like ballet
doesn't mean I'm a poof, you know?
You won't tell anyone, will you?
Come on.
It's fucking freezing in here.
What's this?
Just put it on.
A tutu.

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