Billy Elliot (2000): Private Lessons


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The clip Private lessons from Billy Elliot (2000)

It would mean an awful lot of hard work.
But I'm banned.
Then maybe I should have a word with him.
No, Miss!
I could teach you on your own, if you want.
We couldn't afford it.
I'm not doing it for the money, Billy.
But what about Dad?
He doesn't need to know.
What about me boxing and that?
Oh, for fuck's sake, Billy!
If you want to piss about with your little mates, that's fine with me.
All right, don't lose your blob.
So we could do it private-like?
Just you and me.
Miss, you don't fancy me, do you?
No, Billy. Funnily enough, I don't. Now, piss off.
Piss off yourself.
See you Monday, then.

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