Billy Elliot (2000): The Miners Don't Stand a Chance


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The clip The miners don't stand a chance from Billy Elliot (2000)

I've heard a lot about you.
Durham's little Gene Kelly.
Your dad work down the pit, then?
Must be hard for the family, being out on strike.
He is out on strike, isn't he?
Of course.
I shouldn't worry. It won't last long.
Tom, don't.
If they had a ballot, they'd be back tomorrow.
It's just a few bloody commies, stirring things up.
Let's face it. They haven't got a leg to stand on.
Who doesn't?
The miners. It stands to reason, doesn't it?
Some pits are just uneconomical.
If it costs more money to pay everybody to dig the coal out
than you get for the coal when you sell it, what does that tell you?
Don't know.
Well, you wanna think about that, don't you, son?
If it was up to me, I'd shut the lot of them down tomorrow.
For God's sake.
What do you do, Mr Wilkinson?
He's been made redundant.
I thought he was gonna hit me or something.

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