Billy Elliot (2000): Billy's Interview


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The clip Billy's interview from Billy Elliot (2000)

How did it go?
Mr Elliot, I'm afraid that mutual respect and self-discipline
are absolute prerequisites for any pupil in this school.
Such displays of violence cannot be tolerated under any circumstances.
Do you understand?
I realize we shall have to consider this very seriously,
and it will be bound to affect our final decision.
Yes, well, just a few questions, then. Billy,
can you tell us why you first became interested in the ballet?
Don't know.
Just was.
Well, was there any particular aspect of the ballet
which caught your imagination?
The dancing.
He dances all the time. Every night after school.
Yes. Well, we have a very enthusiastic letter from Mrs Wilkinson,
and she has told us of your personal circumstances.
Mr Elliot, are you a fan of the ballet?

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