American Pie (1999): Everybody Knows


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The clip Everybody Knows from American pie (1999) with Chris Klein, Thomas Ian Nicholas

What a loser.
What a loser.
I needed someone to understand my ups and downs -
There you were -
With sweet love and devotion -
Deeply touching my emotion -
I just wanna stop and thank you, baby -
Hey, minute man!
Shut up.
You know
You know you're supposed to be supportive.
Hey, you think you still got a chance with Nadia?
No. Her sponsors here saw the thing on the 'Net.
I really don't think they liked it.
How do you know that?
She's already on a plane back home.
You know, guys? Maybe I'm just not good with girls, period.
No-no-no, really-really. Like
Like I was born without that part of the brain.
I mean, I can't talk to girls.
And when I do talk to them, I screw it up.
Yeah, well, come prom those excuses aren't going to do you any good.

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