American Pie (1999): Seducing Nadia Part 3


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The clip Seducing Nadia Part 3 from American pie (1999) with Shannon Elizabeth, Jason Biggs

He blew it.
I guess I'll be going now.
No, no, no, I'm
I'm not done, Nadia. I've, uh
I've got reserves.
Nadia, please, please. I'm begging you.
Well, I do like your dirty magazines.
You do? Okay. Well. Um. Did-Did
Did you see this one?
This here is your
is your more, uh, exotic, risque magazine.
He's pullin' out the porn.
He's desperate.
Jim, just wait till she leaves.
Very arousing women. They arouse me-
They arouse me very, very much.
But, uh- But not as arousing as you.
Oh, Jim!
Oh, God!
He's ruining daisy! Whoo!
So, uh, "shaved" is the expression?
Holy shit.
Holy shit!
Holy shit!
H-H-Holy shit!
Touch me, Jim.
Oh. Oh.
Not again.
Not again, man!
Is that possible?
What a loser.
What a loser.

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