American Pie (1999): Kissing Heather


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The clip Kissing Heather from American pie (1999) with Chris Klein

There's something I've been meaning to tell you, Heather.
What's that?
It's gonna sound really bad, but, uh,
I want you to know.
You see, uh,
I'm a virgin, and, uh-
Well, me, Kevin, Jim and Finch were-
We all made this pact...
that we would lose our virginity...
before high school was over,
and tonight is supposed to be the night that we all do it.
This isn't the best way to proposition me.
No, that's- That's not what I mean.
What I mean is, uh-
Look, do you know what made me leave that game?
See, Coach, he was givin' us this speech about...
not slacking off when you see the opportunity to score-
This isn't any better, Chris.
No, you see- You see, Heather,
what I realized is that...
with you, it's... not like I'm running towards a goal...
looking for the best way to score.
This may sound a little corny, but...
I feel like I've already won.
And, uh, I care about you a lot.
Oz, I know.
You called me Oz.
Well, yeah.
It's what your friends call you.
I mean, I feel like I'm one of your friends now.
And... your girlfriend?
Ain't never thought that I could love like this -
This feeling inside me is growing -
I never thought that you would care -

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