American Pie (1999): Introduction


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The clip introduction from American pie (1999) with Chris Klein, Jason Biggs

What the hell's the matter with this thing?
Illegal channels? Shit!
If there's any channel that should be illegal, it's that "all-woman's" channel.
Lifetime supply of pantyhose or some shit.
Hey, uh, did you see The Little Mermaid on TV the other night?
Ariel, man. She's so hot!
Yeah, Oz. But not when she's on land.
She's a mermaid, dude.
Come on, Vicky, it's Stifler's party. We got to go. It'll be great.
Why? All that happens at Stifler's parties is people get drunk and do it.
Now, come on, Kevin. Open it.
It's a big, thick envelope, Vicky. You got in.
If you think so, just open it.
"Dear Miss Latham: We're sorry but after keeping you on the waiting list...
for the past couple of months, we've decided that you are now rejected. "
Shut up!
You got in.
Yes! I love you!
Hey, you think I should wear this shirt to Stifler's party?
You've worn that shirt for, like, three days in a row, man!
Guys. She said it.
Said what?
She said she loves me.
Holy shit, dude! The "L" word?
Oh, man!
Cornell's not that far from "U" of "M."
Yeah, it's only, like, seven hours.
Oh, and you get to drive across Canada.
Beautiful country.
Whatever. It's doable.
Wh-What we should do today, in band.
Instead of playing our instruments regularly, we should play them backwards.
That'll be so funny!
No offense, but you're talking about a post-high school, long-distance relationship.

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