American Pie (1999): Sex Talk


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The clip sex talk from American pie (1999) with Seann William Scott, Jason Biggs

I don't know, man. That sounds like a lot of work!
Uh, just a second!
Come in. Come in.
Oh, Jim, you're here.
Uh, I was just walking by your room and uh-
And, you know, I was thinking, "Boy, it's been a long time since we've had...
a little father-son, uh-uh, chat. "
Oh! I almost forgot. I, uh, I bought some magazines.
Do you just want to flip to the center section?
Well, this is the- this is the, uh, female form.
And they have focused on the breasts,
uh, which are used primarily to, uh, feed young infants...
and, uh
and also, uh, in foreplay.
This is, uh- This is Hustler.
And this is a much more exotic magazine.
Now, they have decided to focus on the, uh, pubic region-
Right. Uh-huh.
The whole groin area.
Look at the expression on her face. You see that? See what's she's doing?
She's kind of looking right into your eyes saying,
"Hey, big boy. Hey, how ya doin'?"
You see?
Shaved is a magazine I'm not too familiar with,
but, again, if you flip to the center... -
Well, you see the detail that, uh, that they go into in this picture here.
Uh-huh. Yeah.
It almost looks like a tropical plant or something...
underwater... thing.
Yeah. Yes.
Do you know what a clitoris is?
Oh, my God.
Well, don't say, "Oh-"
Yes, I know what a clitoris is.
Oh, you do. Oh, I see. Yes, you do. I forgot you've been there and back.
You know everything-
I've learned about it in Sex Ed-
I really don't need you to talk about clitoris.
I'm trying to make this painless-
You know what? I'm sorry. Okay? I'm sorry.

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