American Pie (1999): the Bible


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The clip the bible from American pie (1999) with Thomas Ian Nicholas

Oh, man!
So I was thinking maybe you could give me some advice, brother to brother.
I thought you might know a trick or somethin' to make her-
What's good here?
Try the spicy tuna hand roll.
How do you do that?
Hey, never mind that. Listen, pay attention.
Is that all that you're interested in, tryin' to get your girl into bed?
No, it'd be good to be able to, you know, return the favor.
Be nice to know she enjoys things as much as I do.
See that? That's good. That's what I wanted to hear. Now, you qualify.
Qualify for what?
My man, you've just inherited the Bible.
It originally started as a sex manual,
this book that some guys brought back from Amsterdam.
And each year it got passed on to one East student who was worthy.
Now, it's full of all sorts of stuff that guys have added over the years.
But you have to keep it a secret and return it at the end of the year.
All right. So now you know. Good luck.

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